Industry-Interchangeable Cartridges & Cavities
Our products fit a variety of industry-common cavities, including:

  • Standard 10 & 10 sizes for 240 bar (3500osi) circuits.
  • Compact 08 size for cost-effectiveness in lower flow rate, 3000 psi (207 bar) circuits.
  • The 5000 psi (345bar) 58 size meets the increasing need for higher preesure valve componentry.
  • Our 12 size is an economical alternative for 57 to 95 Ipm (15 to 25gpm) circuits at 240 bar (3500 psi).
  • Our new ISO/Metric 42 and 20 sizes meet higher flow requirements.

The U.S. National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), working with the international Standards Organization (ISO), had proposed an industry standard set od cavities: NFPA/T3.5.31 M-19XX. Hydraforce will manufacture products to fit un these cavities, upon formal of NFPA standardization and on OEM request.
Higher Performance, Cost-Effective Features of HydraForce Intergrated Valve/Maniflod Packages.

  • No-leak, screw-in componentry.
  • Fast and easy valve removal and replacement.
  • Significantly reduced plumbing requirements compared to traditional hydraulic systems.
  • Optimally-sized inegrated circuits for enhanced design fexibility.