Cartridge Valve

Threaded Cartridge Valves

Directly controlled pressure relief valves with anti-cavitation function. The valves have good pressure characteristics together with very short reactions times. They ae compact, tight, reliable and not sensitive to contamination.

Pilot Operated Check Valve DIN 2353 (Poppet Type) Single Acting VRSE-AZ...FF Type

The VRDE-AZ … FF-series double acting pilot operated check valves are used to block an actuator in position in both directions and make it insensitive to external forces.

Hose Burst Valve VUBA Type

The VUBA-series burst valve is used to automatically block the sudden flow increase in a hydraulic system.

Dual Cross-Over Relief Valve VBDC35 Type

The VBDC35-series dual cross relief valves are made with two direct-acting pressure relief valves and are used to limit the pressure on both connection lines.

Overcenter Valve Double Acting VBCD/A DE Type

The VBCD/A DE-series overcentre valves are used to control actuator’s movement and block in both directions in order to enable the following functions: • under control descent of a load; the load’s weight does not carry it away as the valve prevents any cavitations of the actuator; • limited maximum pressure in case of shocks created by loads overloads or sudden manoeuvrings (load control with open centre distributor).