Solenoid Control Valve

Directional control valve

Mounting: Subplate NFPA D03-D10
Flows: 19 - 606 LPM (5 - 160 GPM)
Pressure: 0 - 345 Bar (0 - 5000 PSI)
Actuators styles include:
-Pneumatic Pilot
-Mechanical Cams
-Hydraulic Pilot
Wide choice of voltages and connector styles
Soft shift models eliminate or reduce hydraulic system pressure shock
Explosion-proof models availables

Manapak & cartpak valves

Mounting: NFPA D03-D08 sandwich style
Manapka - choice of functions
-Check valves
-Pressure reducing
-Mechanical cams
-Flow controls
-Pressure relief
Maximum pressure: 345 Bar (5000 PSI)
Cartpak - choice of functions
-Load check
-Pressure reducing/relieving
-Back pressure check
Maximum pressure: 245 Bar (3500 PSI)

Intergrated hdyraulic circuit blocks

Provide a more compact and lighter hydraulic package
Custom designed to meet your requirements
Can include many types of Parker valves
-Threaded cartrige valves
-Proportional or servo valves
-Manifold mounted industrial valves
-Pressure compensated flow
Available with diagnostic fittings
Standard with SAE ports
May also include other hydraulics components such as filters and accumulators
Save time, money in both assembly and maintainance
Reduce leaks