Fittings & Adapter

Flareless Tube to Male Pipe

Flareless Tube to Female Pipe

Flareless Tube to Flareless Tube

Flareless Tube to Bulkhead

Flareless Tube to Straight Head

Flareless Tube to Swivel Nut

Flareless Tube to Auxiliary Components

Fitting components corresponding to DIN 2353

Sizes available both in Metric and Imperial

Imperial sizes:  1/4" OD to 1, 1/2" OD
Metric sizes:  6mm OD to 42mm OD
Pressure ranges:  L (light) Nominal pressure up to 500 bar
S (heavy) Nominal pressure up to 800 bar
Fitting materials:  Machined from drawn steel bar or steel forgings
Factor of safety:  4:1

Male Pipe

Female Pipe

Male Pipe to Female Pipe


Straight Thread Adapters

Product material: Carbon Steels
Product sizes: Sizes available from 1/8" to 1, 1/2 NPT