PGP300 Series

  • Three-piece cast iron construction
  • Low friction bushing design
  • Single, multiple, piggyback and thru-drive assemblies
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Long life in serve operating environments
  • Integrated or bolt-on valve options available
  • Can be configured as pump or motor


  • Used to synchronize the operation of multiple cylinders or motors, to distribute pump flow or to increase the pressure available to a system
  • Available with 2-5 sections
  • Gear widths from 1/2" - 3"
  • Self-lubricating; can be mounted in any position
  • Operates most efficiently at speeds from 700-1300 RPM
  • Eliminates costly components and the problems common in feeding multiple pumps
  • Extended studs provided for easy mounting

Pumps Gear (PGP 500 Series)

  • Superior performance
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise operation at high operating pressures
  • International mounts and connections
  • Integrated valve capabilities
  • Common inlet multiple pump configurations

PAVC Series

  • High strength cast iron housing
  • Built in supercharger
  • High sideload capacity
  • Sealed shaft bearing option
  • Two piece housing
  • Cartridge controls
  • Airbleed valve
  • Thru-shaft option (PAVC100)
  • Optional port location
  • Full pressure rating on water glycol fluids
  • Control drain may be filtered and/or cooled

PVP Series

  • High strength cast iron housing
  • Modular controls
  • Fast response times
  • Thru-shaft options
  • Optionla port location
  • 9 and 11 piston design
  • English and metric mounting features
  • Low control pressures

PVplus Series

  • High strength cast iron housing
  • Modular controls
  • Large control piston
  • Thru-shaft option
  • 9 piston design
  • Multiple pressure control
  • English and metric mounting features
  • Reduced flow and pressure ripple